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Five amazing benefits of coconut oil

The Parachute Gold Range contains coconut oil as a key ingredient:

  1. Hair Protection: The use of coconut oil on hair helps to reduce protein loss in both damaged as well as undamaged hair. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which has a high affinity for hair protein, and easily penetrates inside the hair shaft due to its low molecular weight.
  2. Hair Conditioning: Coconut oil is an excellent conditioner for hair. Use of warm coconut oil helps in keeping hair shimmering and soft. Apply some warm oil at night and wash your hair the next morning. This can be repeated every few days for healthy, strong and conditioned hair.
  3. Anti-Dandruff: The various fatty acids present in coconut oil serve as very good anti-dandruff agents. Regular application of coconut oil can help you get rid of dandruff. Coconut oil mixed with lukewarm water and lemon juice is also very effective in treating dandruff. Massage the scalp and hair with this mixture and leave in for 20 minutes for ideal results.
  4. Split Ends: If you have a lot of split ends in your hair, it is generally advised to cut them. But if this problem appears on a small number of your hair strands, then you can use simple remedies to solve the problem. Massage your hair with a mixture of coconut oil and almond, or coconut oil and a teaspoonful of honey for a few minutes; this will help in minimizing the split ends.
  5. Hair Damage: Coconut oil can nurture and repair even harshly damaged hair. Heat from products such as blow dryers, straightening irons or curling irons and chemicals from hair dye, shampoos and styling products cause hair to lose much needed proteins that keeps hair strong. Damaged hair is often brittle and dry due to a loss of natural hair proteins. Coconut oil contains these hair proteins and can provide complete nutrition to the hair follicles to make up for the proteins they have lost. Use slightly warmed oil for best penetration


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A single hair strand can support up to a 100 grams in weight.

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