Hair Oiling

Benefits of Oiling

Oil prevents dryness of the hair

Your hair might seem dry and rough when you have not gone for spas for a while, but you can prevent that with just a little effort. Take a bottle of oil and apply it to your hair till the hair seems shiny. Oil would lock the moisture within the scalp and help nourish it. Also, oil acts as a coolant and protects your hair from harsh heating conditions. If your hair is extremely dry, you can just apply oil to your hair and then soak a towel in hot water and wrap it around your head. This would make sure that oil penetrates well into the scalp.

Oil makes your hair shine

You might not realise it but regular use of oil can make your hair shine like never before. For those people who use leave-in conditioners extensively, here is a tip. Just take 2 to 3 drops of oil on your hand, rub it and apply it just like you would apply a conditioner. This will make your hair look shiny and also give you the other advantages of oil.

Oil enhances the smoothness of the hair

Since oil nourishes the hair and makes softer and manageable, you might feel that your hair has gone all the way smoother since you started oiling your hair on a regular basis. Facts reveal that oiling your hair also increases the blood circulation in the scalp and helps the repair of damaged hair. So hair oil can also help to make your hair stronger than before.

Oil multitasks to improve hair health

Oil is a lubricant, so it’s great for detangling wet hair. In addition, it’s a sealant, so it seals the cuticle down to smoothen it. Oils are a great protectant from thermal damage, and overall, it’s a great hair health booster. All this is possible because of the lipids in the hair. However, depending on the composition of fatty acids, some oils are superior to others.

An oil massage relaxes mind & body

Oil massages relax the mind and body significantly. This improves the blood circulation, helps normalise the metabolism, and enhances functioning of all beauty elements including hair with regular usage.

Did you know?

Human hair grows faster in warm weather because warmth stimulates hair growth.

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