How to Take Care of Your Hair

Ways to Add Volume to Hair

  1. Dry your hair immediately after washing. Use the dryer in cold mode or a microfiber towel.
  2. Do not over-condition your hair and make it limp. Use a quicker acting serum, a tiny amount of coconut oil or leave-in conditioner only on the tips.
  3. Get your hair cut in layers that move outward to create the illusion of volume.
  4. Avoid flat hairstyles, permanent straightening etc. They will further reduce the volume of the hair.
  5. Eat a diet rich in protein from foods like eggs, soya, sprouts, nuts and low fat cheese to improve hair density.


Tame the Frizz

Frizzy hair can be defined as dry, unruly, wavy to curly hair, that lacks shine and strength. It is hard to manage frizzy hair and not look like you have a continuing stream of bad hair days. Here are some easy tips!

  • Finger comb, don’t brush. Avoid brushing hair after it dries. Brushing not only disrupts your hair's cuticle, it can also stretch hair, leading to breakage. Towel-dry hair after a shower and finger-comb it.
  • Oil to precondition. To foil frizz, use coconut based hair oils before washing your hair. It pre-conditions your hair and prevents frizz.
  • Don't over-process hair. Relaxers and straighteners can make hair brittle and lead to breakages, so go easy on these products.
  • Put moisture back in your mane. Frizzy hair tends to be drier, so you need to put moisture into it. Natural oils like coconut based hair oils tend to penetrate the shaft and relax the hair from within. Synthetic silicon moisturizers, on the other hand, tend to lie on top of the hair, making it appear dirty. Sometimes, just take a little water, put it through the tips of your hair and let it air dry.
  • Stop 'cooking' your curls. Avoid flat irons and curling irons and limit heat sources to a blow dryer with a diffuser.
  • Dry only the roots of your hair. This is a fail-proof trick. Try blow drying only your roots to give hair lift and avoid drying the hair shaft and hair tips.
  • Go alcohol-free. Alcohol can dry hair out, setting you up for frizz. So look for alcohol-free and natural conditioning products.


Did you know?

A single hair strand can support up to a 100 grams in weight.

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