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With Cocolipids™ & Argan

Enriched with the goodness of Cocolipids™ and Argan, Parachute Gold’s Healthy Scalp Coconut Hair Oil provides you with nutrients and antioxidants that help nourish, heal and protect your scalp.

With Cocolipids™, Argan, Vitamin E & UV Filters

Shield your hair from sun damage with Heat Protect Moroccan Hair Serum by Parachute Gold. It’s fortified with Cocolipids™, Argan, Vitamin E and UV filters that act as a protective layer for your hair.

With Cocolipids™, Argan and Aloe Vera

Soften and condition your hair with Parachute Gold’s Anti-Frizz Moroccan Hair Serum. It contains nutrients from Cocolipids™, Argan and Aloe Vera that help to control flyaway hair and improve hair texture.

With Cocolipids™

Parachute Gold’s Thick and Strong range of products is specially created to strengthen weak, limp hair and restore it to its former health. Their active ingredients include Cocolipids™ which stimulate growth and softens your hair.

With Cocolipids™ & Garlic

Experience the benefits of our Anti Hair Fall range with Cocolipids™ and Garlic. Its nourishing ingredients including minerals fight hair fall and restore your hair to its full glory.

With Cocolipids™ & Cactus

Infused with the strength of Cocolipids™ and Cactus, Parachute Gold’s Damage Repair softens and conditions rough, coarse hair. Reverse damage from heat, pollution and chemicals and achieve new life and health for your hair.

With Cocolipids™ & Almond

Revive flat, dull hair with the essence of Cocolipids™ and Almonds. Give your hair an irresistible bounce and glossy texture with the Natural Shine range from Parachute Gold.

With Cocolipids™ & Lemon

Banish dandruff with the cleansing power of Parachute Gold’s Anti Dandruff Coconut & Lemon Cream. Lemon keeps the scalp healthy while the Cocolipids™ restore and nourish your hair from within.

Enriched with Cocolipids™

Enriched with Cocolipids™, Parachute Gold’s Hair Oil range is specially formulated for different types of hair. Achieve healthy, lustrous hair through this timeless Indian beauty secret.

Enriched with Cocolipids™

Get freshly moisturized, spa-like hair with Parachute Gold’s range of Hair Creams enriched with Cocolipids™. Use after wash for soft, silky hair that’s beautiful outside and strong inside.

Enriched with Cocolipids™

It’s the benefits of oiling combined with the advantages of creams. Experience lush, silky hair enriched with Cocolipids™  from the Oil Replacement range by Parachute Gold.

Enriched with Cocolipids™

Enjoy deep-rooted nourishment with Parachute Gold’s specially formulated range of Hair Serums. It contains a high proportion of nutrients and antioxidants that protect your hair 24/7.

Enriched with Cocolipids™

Specially formulated post-wash treatments to cure hair fall, damage and weak hair by Parachute Gold. Experience the restorative power of Cocolipids™ for your hair.

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